Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Generational House

Project Location

Gordon, NSW


Ko Family

Project Team

Jesse Mowbray, Shaun Weisbrodt

Generational House is a family residence, nestled amongst a throng of native vegetation near the heart of Sydney. The project takes on the challenge of developing a single family residence into dual accommodation for elderly parents, hence opening its capacity to house 3 generations of people. The design takes advantage of tight budget constraints, rationalising the building footprint to rearrange existing spaces, deliver additional rooms and living amenities to the first floor without adding unnecessary space - such as small yet cosy reading nooks provided by unused roof spaces, bathrooms on both levels to maximise overall livability. Drawing in its surrounding context and locale, the multi-generational house absorbs northern light through expansive windows and evokes the bushy nature of the neighbourhood through sight-lines and balustrade detailing.