Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Comida Chilena

By Sarah Veas


Sharing food is sharing love.

It is a time to be together,
to teach culture and learn tradition,
to embrace joy and to share stories.

We crave foods of comfort,
and long for homecooked nostalgia
but food also captures a transient moment
of memory, stories, and love.

During the difficulties of lockdown, food has been a constant comfort. Sometimes it’s a craving for a late-night Macca’s run just to get out of the house, or it may be my mum’s sambal chili. Other times it’s enjoying learning about Chilean culture through traditional (and non-traditional) dishes. My project proposal seeks to capture a collection of lockdown food items and their associated meaning through the analytical lens of architectural documentation (and of course an opportunity to eat good food).

This project took place over a day, Friday 17th (in preparation for Dieciocho – Chilean Independence Day on Saturday 18th).