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Our team is a continuously thriving, growing and changing body of people from many different walks of life. Each individual has an important role in the firm – whether they are an architectural designer, heritage consultant, technical lead or interior designer.

Christopher Roehrig's Headshot
Christopher Roehrig
Principal: Heritage

Christopher is a Senior Heritage and Architectural Consultant with more than 18 years of architectural, project management and consultation experience. Christopher has had extensive experience with the conceptual design, documentation and construction stages for significant state buildings and considerable experience coordinating with the NSW Government, Environment and Heritage NSW Branch.

Christopher has and is currently working on Transport House ‘Wynyard Green’ a NSW State listed and Sulman Award winning building constructed in 1935 which is located at 11-31 York Street Sydney. Christopher has been principal heritage consultant for the property for the past 10 years while working with MemoCorp, Navitas Limited and currently for Jobs For NSW.

Shaun Weisbrodt's Headshot
Shaun Weisbrodt
Architectural Designer

Shaun is a graduate of Architectural Computing at UNSW (2014) and has industry experience across commercial, residential, heritage and infrastructure sectors. Whilst being interested in emerging technologies his design philosophy centres on the integration of reusing, recycling and upcycling materials and objects. He is passionate about sustainable living and is currently completing a Masters of Sustainable Design.
He has collaborated on installation projects for the Sydney Architecture festival and VIVID, including ‘Euphonious Mobius’; a parametric, interactive sculpture showcasing emerging digital fabrication techniques.

Shaun enjoys project collaboration and believes working in an interdisciplinary environment promotes innovation, having worked with urban design, landscape, interiors, heritage and graphics disciplines. His experience includes working on community projects, commercial refurbishments, adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, large medium density Greenstar communities, apartment developments, bushfire prone residences and residential alterations and additions.

Burcu Keane's Headshot
Burcu Keane
Heritage Consultant

Burcu is a Heritage Consultant with many years of business, archaeology and heritage management experience. Her previous work has been undertaken in a wide range of industries from commercial to education. She has experience working in both the business sector and in the heritage and archaeology field, working on excavations, research, analysis and report processing in locations such as Turkey, Cyprus, Scotland, England and Australia.

She has worked in delivering heritage conservation advice to projects, undertaking heritage assessments, preparing detailed heritage impact statements, conservation works schedules, photographic archival recordings and overseeing the implementation of heritage works during construction process. She believes in developing positive client and other stakeholder relationships and enjoys being part of the full cycle of a project.

She has particular interest in building diagnostics and believes in the importance of researching and understanding the ‘life stories’ of heritage buildings for best heritage management outcomes. She is also interested in the possibilities that arise with new design in historic settings. In order to extend and broaden her knowledge base Burcu is currently studying for a Master of Heritage Conservation through the University of Sydney.

Shanel Erzeybek's Headshot
Shanel Erzeybek
Architectural Designer

Shanel studied Interior Design before moving into Architecture where she has just completed her master’s degree at the University of Technology Sydney. During her interior design studies Shanel won the Penrith RSL War Memorial Competition (built in 2012).

Her passions in architecture lie in the practice of adaptive reuse and sustainable design practices. Whilst studying Shanel has worked in the lighting industry gaining over 5 years’ experience in lighting design and technologies and has an eye for detail and design lighting solutions in residential and commercial applications.

Catalina Corral's Headshot
Catalina Corral
Architectural Designer

Catalina is a graduate of Architecture with strong residential and commercial design skills. She is interested in developing designs that achieve the best environmental outcomes, whilst responding to a commercial reality. With interdisciplinary environment project contributions in interior design, cabinetry design, composite wood, landscape, community projects, residential and commercial projects. She believes in the study of the user and context as a key tool to generate valuable designs.

Nathalie Clermont's Headshot
Nathalie Clermont
Senior Interior Designer

Nathalie is a Senior Interior Designer with over ten years’ experience in the industry at both a national and international level. She has an extensive knowledge across a variety of fields including drafting, kitchen design, resource management, interior design and as an interior design educator.

Nathalie has experience working in the commercial sector with lead involvement in an extensive range of workplace, hospitality and retail designs. She has also worked on high end residential projects including the management of team for delivery of tender package. Her lead role has also been applied to the team management of draftsperson and junior interior designers.

Nathalie’s project experience showcases her versatility in work. She has experience working across small scale boutique projects that facilitated an opportunity for detail design but has also obtained roles as a lead designer working on large scale multi res apartment projects based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Christina Sun's Headshot
Christina Sun
Architectural Assistant

Christina is a student at the University of Sydney soon to complete her Bachelor of Design in Architecture. She is undertaking an accelerated combined Honours and Masters degree which allows her to explore complex architectural ideas within her undergraduate studies. Christina has a strong passion for fine arts and uses painting and drawing skills to represent the firm’s architectural concepts and projects.

Nicole Manley's Headshot
Nicole Manley
Heritage Consultant

Nicole is a student at the University of Sydney soon to complete her Master of Heritage Conservation. She has experience working in the archaeology field, working on the excavation, lab analysis and report processing aspects. She also works on completing Statement of Heritage Impact and Conservation Management Reports. Nicole is interested in the interrelationship between history and place, and the benefits that arise out of retaining our heritage buildings for the society, the built environment and for the individual. She believes that heritage can define community identity so sees great benefit in the retention of heritage sites. The history of architectural styles and of a society can be unravelled when analysing historic buildings and sites.

Jesse Mowbray's Headshot
Jesse Mowbray
Principal: Architecture

Jesse is a registered Architect with more than 13 years of professional experience in local, national, and international projects. This work has been undertaken across the commercial, domestic, education, community, ecclesial, infrastructure, government, and health sectors.

Jesse has been part of several Sydney based practices with exposure to a large range of project typologies before establishing NA+H in 2015. Jesse’s strengths lie in broad skill base from design and documentation to contract administration and on site work. He enjoys being part of the holistic design process from early sketch ideas and concepts through to the constructed reality. Jesse is currently engaged in post-graduate study which compliments his practice as an Architect.