Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Kangaroo Street Childcare and Community Centre

Project Location

Manly, NSW


Northern Beaches Council

Project Team

Jesse Mowbray, Christopher Roehrig, Shaun Weisbrodt


Andrew Merry

Kangaroo Street Childcare and Community Centre is an exciting fitout and upgrades project. The main works include a new fitout to the childcare playroom (with craft facilities, kitchen, laundry) and new fitout of community centre (with community hall and commercial kitchen fitout, meeting room, offices and amenities). New access upgrades were also added to the site (new entry lift).The concept for the Northern Beaches Council childcare centre and community centre was inspired by the concept of exploration and play. A series of workshops with the client and research of the client’s needs enabled us to produce a concept that is not only aesthetically harmonious to the existing space but more importantly practical and functional to the needs of the children and equally staff. A timeless concept design featuring a soft colour scheme and gentle organic lines were inspired by the nearby beach location.