Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Alhas Residence

Project Location

Winston Hills


"Nimbus have provided a comprehensive service in heritage advice and documentation as well as a timeless architectural masterpiece design. Great team from the principals to the designers." Alhas Family

Project Team

Christopher Roehrig, Jesse Mowbray, Jessica Freeman, Manashree Parekh, Christina Sun

Alhas Residence is an alterations and additions project to an existing heritage dwelling, with conservation works to the original structure and replacement of the later addition. Inspired by rainforest canopies, plants spill over the upstairs bedroom balconies, forming a lush and everchanging green curtain over the backyard patio below. A marriage of sweeping concrete and rectilinear white brick forms address the importance of unification between built form and the natural environment, a value reflected in the passive sustainability measures implemented throughout the design process. New landscaping, including a pool and seamless transition from backyard to the lower ground floor kitchen, provides a revitalised and interconnected passage between outside and inside. The project is currently at concept stage.