Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Gordon Gateway and Tennis Pavilions

Project Location

Gordon, NSW 2072


Ku-ring-gai Council

Project Team

Christopher Roehrig, Nicole Manley, Manashree Parekh, Christina Sun


Andrew Merry

The project has skillfully updated the Gordon Gateway and Tennis Pavilions, enriching their historical essence while expanding their functionality within the planned scope. Despite not being officially listed as heritage sites, a conscious choice was made to conserve their history and acknowledge their cultural importance. This approach has allowed these buildings to add value to the broader park environment significantly. The Tennis Pavilion, in particular, has seen thoughtful modifications to its layout and accessibility, all while respecting its original character. The preservation of the original design has allowed the Pavilion to maintain its historical significance while enhancing its utility for community use. The space now serves the Council and local residents better, offering improved facilities such as a communal kitchen, accessible bathrooms, storage, and versatile rooms, all integrated into the existing structure. Additionally, a new raised patio at the back, along with extensive landscaping, improves building access and enjoyment. These architectural and conservation efforts, thoroughly documented in plans and reports, have revitalized both structures. They now stand in excellent condition, ready to continue their legacy of historical and architectural importance.